How much will it cost to preserve my gown?

The cost for a standard gown preservation is $285. There are no additional fees for heavily soiled gowns, embellishments, or special fabrics; however, some larger gowns may require a larger preservation chest, which would incur an additional fee. If you would like to purchase additional insurance on your gown, you will have the option to do so.

*For quotes on gowns valued higher than $5,000, please contact us by phone at (937) 298-6631.

What is wedding gown preservation? What does it involve?

Once we receive your gown, we will perform a thorough evaluation to determine its specific needs. We will remove all bust pads and any rubberized elastic before the process begins, as these items can deteriorate and emit fumes which may discolor your gown over time. Your gown will then be hand-treated and carefully cleaned to protect delicate beading, embroidery, and lace. We then inspect your gown and re-clean it if necessary. Finally, your gown is carefully packaged in a Museum Quality Acid Free Chest.

How long does the preservation process take?

All wedding gowns are cleaned and preserved at our store in Kettering. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are some occasions when a gown is in need of extra care and attention that may require a third party’s assistance. These instances may include repairs and alterations, or perhaps a silk gown in need of a milder cleaning solvent. These rare occasions are always discussed at length with the customer before any work begins.

What happens to the gown after it is cleaned?

After your gown is looking pristine, we seal it in a pH-balanced, acid-free, museum quality chest, which includes a window through which you can see and show your gown to others for years to come. Also included is a soft pair of white cotton gloves designed to protect the gown from the oils on your skin, should you ever decide to remove the gown from the chest.

Do you clean veils?

Most veils can be safely cleaned, but some older veils and those with glued beads and/or appliques may not be well suited for cleaning. Most glue will yellow with age over time. If we determine we cannot clean your veil, we can package it in special tissue with your gown in the preservation box.

If I don't want to preserve my gown, what are my other options?

If you are planning to keep your gown after your wedding, we always recommend preservation. However, you can choose to “Clean Only” with the added option of purchasing a Muslin Garment Bag. We also offer “Press Only,” if you are in need of such a service before your wedding day.

Should I make an appointment to drop off my gown?

You are welcome to drop off your gown at any time during our regular business hours — no appointment is needed! You will simply be asked to fill out an evaluation form, and we require a $100 deposit for all preservations.