Wedding Gown Cleaning


At Clothing Care we take great pride in providing the highest standards in wedding gown cleaning and preservation. Once your gown has been processed over the counter our gown expert will contact you directly after they have examined your special garment. They will evaluate the soil types, fabrics, beads & trim for optimum cleaning performance.

Our wedding gown preservation service follows archival museum standards. Acid neutral tissue surrounds your gown and is arranged in an acid neutral gown storage box. When your preservation is stored under the correct conditions it will not yellow, enabling your gown to be worn by future generations.

Michelle G.

Heider did my daughter’s Baptismal gown 20 years ago, still looks perfect! I highly recommend it.

Bijayta B.

All of the employees are friendly and professional…The gown was mended, cleaned, and lovingly preserved. I highly recommend their service. —

Ashlie P.

The dress looked brand new and they took excellent care of it while it was in their possession. The staff was extremely friendly.

Erika M.

They removed oxidized sugar stains from my white wedding gown that were 6 years old! They did an unbelievable job, and I am so thankful!

Claire M.

After 5 years of my wedding dress being crumpled in a closet…I thought it was beyond saving…I am thrilled with the results!

Pam G.

We found my mother’s wedding dress from 65 years ago…I was advised they could not guarantee the results due to the age, the results were amazing.