Purse Repair and Cleaning

Why have your leather purse professionally cleaned and conditioned by Clothing + Shoe Care?

Leather is a natural material that contains oils and moisture to keep it supple and flexible. As leather ages it naturally loses some of its moisture and oils if not properly cared for. Over time, this can result in dryness and a dull appearance and can lead to the breakdown of oils and proteins in the leather resulting in dry brittle cracking leather.

Our conditioners contain oils and waxes that penetrate the leather, strengthening its fibers and making it more resistant to wear and tear. This helps the purse or bag withstand daily use and maintain its appearance over time and conditioning creates a protective barrier on the surface of the leather, guarding it against moisture, dirt, and other environmental elements to help to prevent stains and discoloration, prolonging the life of the item. Depending on size, trim and complexity cleaning and conditioning starts at $35.

Purse Repair and Cleaning

Purse Color Restoration and Dying

When a cleaning isn’t quite enough to cover deep set stains we carefully dye and paint the leather back to life. Depending on size, trim and complexity partial paint or dye starts at $35 and full dye or paint starts at $80.



Purse Dying and Cleaning
Purse Strap Repair
Purse Cleaning

Purse Strap Repairs

Our repair specialists have the knowledge, skills, and experience to assess the damage to your purse and determine the most appropriate repair. We understand different types of leather and materials and know how to work with them effectively. We stock a large variety of leather straps to match your bag accordingly. Leather strap replacement starts at $50 and goes up depending on complexity and length.

Purse Hardware & Zipper Replacement

We perform all types of hardware and zipper replacement including, studs, snaps, D rings, eyelets, & buckles. Most hardware starts at $10 each piece and cost may depend on sewing and complexity. Most zipper replacements are between $50 to $75.

Purse Customization Options: 

We can offer customization options to personalize your purse or address specific needs. Whether it’s replacing hardware, adding embellishments, or altering the design, we can tailor the repair to your preferences.

By having your purse cleaned conditioned or repaired by Clothing

+ Shoe Care we ensure that it receives the care and attention it deserves, resulting in high-quality repairs that prolong its lifespan and maintain its value and functionality.